As an alternative to dog walking we can visit your puppy or kitten during the day/night if you are out all day working or meeting friends to relax. We can pop in daily to check on your fur babies. During our visits, we will give fresh food and water, clean any accidents, play and fuss your pet and let them into your garden or anything else that you request. These visits break up the day and give your fur babies much needed physical and mental stimulation.

Our services will give you peace of mind while you are busy during the day so you know that your little ones are safe and well. As your puppy grows and develops dog walking outside can be introduced according to your wishes.

We can also open/close curtains, turn on and off lights, pick up mail, water plants and if needed take out the bins.


This service allows you to leave your dog with us at Hales Tails for the day. We will provide the relevant care for your much loved dog. Whether you are working all day or have to attend an appointment or social event, we will be happy to provide your dog with care including exercising, social play, love and affection and plenty of interaction. This service is flexible and tailored to meet your individual needs.


We can also look after your rabbits, Mice, Guinea Pigs, fish, Chinchillas, Degus and birds including Chickens.

We will come and attend to your pets in their own environment to provide fresh food and clean water and clean feeding containers and handle and cuddle if required. Whilst attending to your pets we also provide free security services including bringing in the mail, open and close curtains, turn lights on or off and put rubbish out.

If you have an exotic pet such as Snakes, Lizards, Spiders we also provide a home visiting service while you are away. We can turn Vivarium lights on and off, feed and handle your pet if required. We also offer the same security services as above.


Our Dog walking service provides your dog with plenty of opportunities to explore and socialise with other dogs while enjoying their daily exercise. We help keep your dog fit and healthy which means your dog will be relaxed and calmer at home. All dogs are different which is why we suggest a 30-minute consultation (free of charge) before commencing with our service. This provides us with an opportunity to meet you and your dog and introduce ourselves.

We also provide a secure key service to collect and return your dog when you are out. Whether your dog is walked individually or in a small group each dog has our full attention and supervision.

No more than 4 dogs are walked at one time on a group walk.


Pop in relief/medication visits for elderly or unwell pets. If you have an elderly pet who does not require walking but to be let out during the day or if your pet needs medication given while you are out this service is for you.

Wedding Services. If you wish for your pet to be at your wedding or other special occasion we are happy to bring your pet, chaperone and collect to take home after your special event to ensure your much-loved pet is part of your special day. Prices on Request.